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During this fun-filled week they will enjoy fun and confidence-building activities. The most exciting part is that they will actually get to be on the Miss Texas stage! There are two separate pageants: Miss Texas’ Teen and Miss Texas that will be held at the end of the week. All princesses will participate in both pageants, representing both the Miss and Teen contestants of your local organization.

In addition to taking part in Pageant Week, it is an opportunity for your Princess to see, first-hand, a contestant represent her local title by being service-oriented, working her community service initiative, and working towards scholarships. Whether your princess wishes to compete in a pageant someday or not, this week will be a valuable and enduring experience as she witnesses intelligent admirable women communicate, perform, interact with others, and exhibit strength, character, poise, and grace under pressure.

Each Princess will:

  • Accompany the contestants on-stage during local & state competition

  • Perform on stage in both the Miss and Teen Preliminary and Final Competitions

  • Enjoy fun events during the Miss Texas Pageant Week

  • Make memories and glean values to last a lifetime!


Alexis Mayo

Charlie Gow

Maia Ann Legendre

Kailyn Drais

Aly Drais


What is the Lone Star Princess Program?

This 3-pronged program is for young ladies age five to twelve.

​The 3 P's:


The Lone Star Princess program is a year-round program where your princess will be mentored and have the opportunity to see intelligent young women as they communicate, perform, and interact with others, as well as exhibit strength, character, poise and grace under pressure while sharing their social impact initiative and serving their communities.


The Lone STAR Club debuts July 2020 and is a program where your princess will have the opportunity to feel like a STAR as she is involved in monthly events and opportunities throughout the year. She will develop communication skills and learn how to make a difference in her community. She will also be showcased in video and zoom opportunities where she can learn to be comfortable in front of a camera, computer, or even in person as she expresses herself as she speaks and/or performs. Each month our registered Princesses will receive information on the upcoming STAR activity!


​The Lone Star Competition experience (week of  June  23, 2023) is a fun-filled week of activities, rehearsals and performing. She will have lunch with her titleholder, take part in a fashion show, attend  a real Princess party, and perform in a group production number. Our Lone Star Princesses do not personally compete, but they accompany their titleholder during the Red Carpet competition where the titleholders wear their Evening Wear. This is held during Miss Texas and Outstanding Teen Competition week (June 23, - July 1, 2023.

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