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Samples of Miss Interview & Onstage question

Samples of Miss Fitness

Miss & Teens MUST wear RED Rebel Fitness Wear within the Miss America section.  There are several styles to choose from so call Rebel in Carrolton or go to

State Code:  MAOTX2023

Some States have alerted us to contestants who due to their personal religious beliefs, are unable to wear the crop tops that are typical the uniform for heath & fitness. We want to recommend the following crop jacket for those young ladies seeking an appropriate cover up for this Phase.  Crop Jacket:

REBEL INFO: Rebel has added some new red styles, and will have all items stocked by July 11. Should your contestant have issues ordering, or not find an item, please have them email and RE: MAO URGENT. In the email they should include sizing, style and contact information. The Rebel team is committed to getting a solution for every contestant. If it is a rush delivery due to out of stock, Rebel will absorb the cost of shipment. 

They take 7 business days to ship.  Don't delay.

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